With a combination of Brtish Columbia Land Surveyors, Canada Land Surveyors, and Geomatics Engineering graduates, Ferguson Land Surveying & Geomatics is able to offer a wide range of services as listed below:

Legal Surveys

Subdivision Plans, Bare Land Stratas, Building Stratas, Natural Boundary Surveys, Accretion Applications, Statutory Rights-of-way, Easements, and Covenants. - Learn More

Accretion Applications

Land abutting a body of water is subject to accretion and erosion. Accretion is the attachment of material to the upland parcel through gradual and imperceptible natural deposition. Under common law, the property owner owns the accreted land, but has to go through due process to legitimize it. An application must be made to the Surveyor General Division by a BC land surveyor.

For more information regarding accretion applications, follow this link:

If you own waterfront property, and think you may have some accreted land, please contact us. We would be more than happy to help you with your application.


Contour Maps, Comprehensive Site Plans, As-Built Surveys, Photo Mosaics with Orthophotos. - Learn More

Control Surveys

Horizontal and Vertical Benmark Placement/Verification, deformation monitoring, preload monitoring and GPS surveys. - Learn More

Other Services Offered

  • Building Layouts and Surveyor’s Certificates - Learn More
  • Photo Control Surveys for Aerial Mapping
  • Lease Plans for Commercial Building Units: office buildings, shopping centres, and retail space.
  • Canada Lands Legal Surveys: First Nation Lands