Legal Surveys

Legal or cadastral surveys involve the measurement, placement, title descriptions and/or re-establishment of legal boundaries on land, above or below the surface, water and air space. Primarily the land surveyor is involved in subdivision of land, posting of lot corners and right-of-way or easement location. This scope of work involves both private and provincial lands and includes leases, mineral claims and the determination of any approved physical right of tenure, occupation and title. A BCLS may also advise on the most efficient method and proper steps to be taken by a client requiring government approvals, whether provincial or municipal, that will lead to a legal survey and subsequent creation of a new title. Your BCLS is also fully qualified to act as an agent in matters such as approvals, re-zonings or other land use applications.

Reference: Services provided by BC Land Surveyors - Association of British Columbia Land Surveyors.